Hi All,

I am a beginner for SilkTest. When I tried to record the Window Identifiers on http://gmo.segue.com by selecting Record/Window Identifiers, SilkTest had no problem to see the objects at the first page – GMO OnLine.

---------- Message from Record Window Identifiers Dialog -----------
BrowserPage.HtmlTable("GMO OnLine[2]").HtmlColumn("#1").HtmlPushButton("Enter GMO OnLine|#1|$bSubmit")

BrowserPage.HtmlTable("GMO OnLine[2]").HtmlColumn("#2").HtmlPushButton("About The GMO Site|#1|$bAbout")

However, SilkTest couldln’t see any objects on second page – OnLine Catalog, the only identifier I can see is the table, but not the “Item number”, “Item Name”, “Unit Price”, “Order Quality”.
---------- Message from Record Window Indentifiers Dialog -----------
BrowserPage.HtmlTable("#1").HtmlColumn("OnLine Catalog").HtmlHeading("OnLine Catalog")

BrowserPage.HtmlTable("#2").HtmlColumn("These are the items currently available through our online catalog. Select the quantity of each item and then press the ?Plac*").HtmlTable("#1").HtmlColumn("Item Name")

If I click “External Frame Backpack” in the table, I can see some objects for this page.
---------- Message from Record Window Indentifiers Dialog -----------
BrowserPage.HtmlTable("External Frame Backpack").HtmlColumn("Unit Price:")

BrowserPage.HtmlTable("External Frame Backpack").HtmlColumn("? 179.95")

BTW, I am using Win 2K/ SilkTest 5.0.3 /IE 5.0. I believe that the web settings is correct.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Can someone help?