Greetings Silk Users!

I have received several emails from customers asking about segue@work. This weekend, I will be publishing a combined April/May issue of segue@work. Segue's top priority last month was to insure a great QUEST 2001 user conference for our customers, so I made the decision to combine the two issues and publish after QUEST. As a result, May's segue@work will be even more full than usual of some great technical content! So, look for it on our Web site Sunday. (As usual, the link to May's segue@work will be pushed out to all Segue customers and partners who are e-subscribers shortly after publishing - probably early next week).

On another topic, QUEST 2001 last week was a blast! It was great to meet many customers and partners for the first time and renew acquaintances with some of our long-term customers and partners who attended. Many of the folks who are regulars on these boards were present and several gave some terrific presentations: AJ, John Green, Polly Costigan, John O'Neill, just to name a few. Overall, we got a lot of very positive feedback on the conference. Thanks to all and can't wait to see everyone again at the next QUEST!

Heidi Gilmore