I am recording testcases from within my test plan starting at base state. I incert the testcase case in my plan. When recording my testcase I start in the base state and end in the base state. Here is a sample:

{-] header: // Please do not modify
[ ] usepath: T:\Silktest\XXXX
[ ] usefiles: T:\Silktest\XXX\Frame\XXXXX_windec.inc
[ ] framefile: T:\Silktest\XXX\Frame\XXXXX_windec.inc
[ ] Submenu option 'About XXXX': A message indicating release information appears if you click on the option or if you use its accelerator key.
[-] Table Maintenance
[ ] script: \\NTXX\QA\Silktest\XXX\Cases\TMaintenance\TMainten ance.t
[ ] testcase: TMaintenance
[-] Administration
[-] Directory
[-] Check menu option descriptions against tool tips used for the toolbar icons while in Table Maintenance.
[ ] testcase: manual
[-] The same should be true in the Directory Table Maintenance panel.
[ ] testcase: manual
[ ] Add new entry to table using various methods
[-] Use toolbar icon in Table Maintenance panel
[ ] testcase: TBIcon_new
[-] Use menu in Table Maintenance panel
[ ] testcase: Menu_new

The plan continues on.

Why am I getting caught in a loop at the end of the testcases? How can I stop it.