I am trying to class map Sheridon Data Combos that are based on an MFC class. An example of the tag recorded is "[Afx:36d0000:880]". These tags seem to change from session to session. I have class mapped them to AnyWin, but am having trouble interacting with the objects. So far, I have tried to declare a property 'Select' to no avail. The select statement follows. Thanks in advance for any input...
[ ] obj VOID _SetItemProp (STRING sCollProp, INT nIndex, STRING sKey, STRING sPropName, ANYTYPE Value)
[ ]
[-] void Select (anytype iItem)
[ ]
[ ] // use the _SetItemProp collection method to select the correct cell
[-] switch (TypeOf (iItem))
[-] case string
[ ] this._SetItemProp ("iRows", 0, iItem, "Selected", TRUE)
[-] case integer
[ ] this._SetItemProp ("iRows", iItem, "","Selected", TRUE)
[-] default
[ ] Print ("error - needs to be an index or a sKey")