I am having trouble with recording of our new project with the above environment. We are producing a Java app using JDK 1.3.0. It seems taht there is something major missing from my set-up but I am not sure what it is.

An example of the type of problem I am having is that a combo box is recorded as: JavaJFCComboBox, but the items in the combo box are invisible and cannot be selected.

To run the applpication the DOS command is java -jar "filename".jar. I have had the silk jar file added to the CLASSPATH setting for the app so it is definitely included. JDKHOME is correct as 1.3.0.

I am using SilkTest 5.0.2 on a Windows 2000 platform and up until now have had no problems with recording on SilkTest.

My classpath is set for using java2.jar as there is no specific indication that another file is required. How do I do the equivalent of adding swingall.jar to the Classpath when it is nolonger specified in java releases?

Any possible help would be greatly appreciated.