Win2000 SilkTest (VO)
On the Topic I incorrectly put File handles. Just handles...
I'm starting to get Invalid handle messages. Anyone experiencing this problem and any helpful hints to get rid of them.

The tag definitions appear to be fine. I'm using caption and index. I have tried changing the tag to just to index thinking this is probably the safest method. No go.

Basically I'm running through a loop changing the value of an HtmlTextField field and then saving to test for invalid characters. Sometimes it makes it though the testcase, mostly it doesn't. I put a test in to trap the ExceptNum(). Unfortunately this only returns a -1, but upon a -1, I shut the browser down reload, come back in and try to continue from where I left off. It usually trips up several times and is really getting annoying...

Any help would be appreciated.


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[This message has been edited by mvpl (edited 04-07-2001).]