Given that Silk can record a custom class via the RecordClass... utility, and further given that WindowDeclarations can be taken subsequent to that, what are my options when the custom class is still not acknowledged in the Window Declarations?

Here is the situation. I have an AS400/Mainframe green screen in a Java Applet that includes this green screen in a frame. Silk knows the green screen is there and even sees a pair of custom java classes. However, there is a CursorPos class I need it to see so I can get the cursor position from time to time.

Now, there is the [customclass] section in the JavaEx.ini file, and I have added this class to that list. The question at this point is, how do I get Silk to know that this class is related to that frame in the applet? Do I need to somehow hand code a winclass of that type? If so, do I then handcode this into the window declaration that deals with the green screen?

Does this all make sense?