Hi everyone,

I'm using a single host machine to do web testing on remote machines. Basically, from the host, I want to be able to load up Internet Explorer 5 on these remote machines and do some clicking around.

The host is Win2k. I can control just fine a client machine that is ALSO Win2k. The problem arises when I try and control a browser on a Win98 or WinMe machine. Even though the opening of the browser is not a problem (i.e. double-clicking a desktop icon), once the browser is open, Silk bails with the following error:

*** Error: Window '[MainWin]$explorer5_DOM[1]' was not found

It's as though the DOM from windows 98 and for Win2k are different, or somehow not recognized. And the only pattern I can see with my setup is that the DOM recognician across 2K platforms works but going from 2K to 98 doesn't.

Has anybody run into this problem or found a solution? Thanks!


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