I have used the GetActive method on a browser page in order to get the window identifier. Until recently this worked well. However, I apparently made some changes to my silk environment and instead of getting the identifier I get Browser. I was wondering if anyone knew what I may have done to get myself into this trouble. I've checked all the options, but I can't seem to find anything that may be related to this problem. Any ideas?



OK let me try a different approach. Using the GMO web page as an example.
I have the main page of the GMO site declared with and identifier of 'GMO'
In a script I have the following;

Print (Browser.GetActive())

I am returned 'BrowserPage' instead of the identifier. I would expect to get 'GMO'
I am not sure why this is happening and I would GREATLY appreciate any ideas as to how I can figure out to correct the problem.
BTW we are running Silk with IE5.5 on NT.

Thanks again


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