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    Silktest+Java+Hidden Obj

    Hello, I a weird problem here, hope someone can lend a hand...

    The application is stand alone, written in JBuilder.
    The class of the object is "borland.jbcl.view.GridCore".

    When I do a RECORD/Window Identifer, and place the mouse
    over the object (ie., a table cell), the only reference
    it states is the actual window when the object is in.
    So I then go to RECORD/Class, and point to it, and
    Silk comes up with the same thing. Now, on the RECORD
    CLASS dialog box, I then check the "Show all classes"
    check box. Now, I point the object, and it is seen as:

    *CLASS NAME: BorlandJbclViewGridCore
    *TAG: [borland.jbcl.view.GridCore]
    *Derived: AnyWin
    CustomWin("[com.sun.java.swing.JPanel]Order Number:|$com.sun.java.swing.JPanel").

    Before I close the record class dialog, I uncheck the "Show all
    class" check box.

    From the above tags and etc., I then make several new classes
    and place them in a seperate .inc file and place the
    USE statement in my main .inc file

    [-] winclass GridCore : AnyWin
    [ ] tag "[borland.jbcl.view.GridCore]"
    [ ]
    [-] winclass ViewPort :AnyWin
    [ ] tag "[com.sun.java.swing.JViewport]"
    [ ]
    [-] winclass MFrame :AnyWin
    [ ] tag "[com.bellcore.mvan.framework.MFrame]"
    [ ]
    [-] winclass LayeredPane :AnyWin
    [ ] tag "[com.sun.java.swing.JLayeredPane]"
    [ ]
    [-] winclass JPanel :AnyWin
    [ ] tag "[com.sun.java.swing.JPanel]"
    [ ]
    [-] winclass GridControl: AnyWin
    [ ] tag "[borland.jbcl.control.GridControl]"

    I then open the JAVAEX.INI file and add ALL the above tags
    without the []'s to the CLASSLIST section:

    borland.jbcl.control.GridControl = TRUE
    com.sun.java.swing.JPanel = TRUE
    com.sun.java.swing.JViewport = TRUE

    Next, I exit out of Silk, and my application, and restart both again.

    I then try record class, and record window declaration to determine if
    the above procedures have help--same result, object not found.
    Now, the strange part is when I bring up RECORD/Class again,
    and check the show all class button, it comes up the names of
    the classes as I named them:

    MFrame("#1|$com.bellcore.mvan.framework.MFrame$MRo otPane").
    JPanel("Order Number:|$com.sun.java.swing.JPanel").
    GridControl("#1|$borland.jbcl.control.GridControl" ).

    With the show all classes box STILL enabled, I close the
    record class dialog. Next, I declare the window and
    take the parts I need:

    [-] MFrame MvanFramework
    [ ] tag "$com.bellcore.mvan.framework.MFrame$MRootPane "
    [-] JPanel NullGlassPane
    [ ] tag "$null.glassPane"
    [-] LayeredPane NullLayeredPane
    [ ] tag "$null.layeredPane"
    [-] JPanel NullContentPane
    [ ] tag "$null.contentPane"
    [ ]
    [+] JavaJFCPushButton ShowItems
    [ ] tag "Show Items"
    [ ]
    [-] GridControl OrderNumber1
    [-] multitag "Order Number:"
    [ ] "$borland.jbcl.control.GridControl"
    [-] JavaJFCScrollBar ScrollPane1
    [ ] tag "#2"
    [-] JavaJFCScrollBar ScrollPane2
    [ ] tag "#1"
    [-] ViewPort Viewport3
    [ ] tag "$com.sun.java.swing.JViewport[3]"
    [-] GridCore ViewGridCore
    [ ] tag "$borland.jbcl.view.GridCore"
    [-] CustomWin Canvas0
    [ ] msw tag "[borland.jbcl.view.GridCore_Divider]$canvas0"
    [-] ViewPort Viewport2
    [ ] tag "$com.sun.java.swing.JViewport[2]"
    [-] CustomWin ViewHeaderView
    [ ] msw tag "[borland.jbcl.view.HeaderView]$borland.jbcl.view.HeaderView"
    [-] ViewPort Viewport1
    [ ] tag "$com.sun.java.swing.JViewport[1]"
    [ ]
    [-] JPanel OrderNumber3
    [-] multitag "Order Number:"
    [ ] "$com.sun.java.swing.JPanel"
    [-] GridControl BorlandJbclControlGridContr
    [ ] tag "$borland.jbcl.control.GridControl"
    [-] ViewPort Viewport3
    [ ] tag "$com.sun.java.swing.JViewport[3]"
    [-] GridCore ViewGridCore2
    [ ] tag "$borland.jbcl.view.GridCore"
    [-] CustomWin Canvas1
    [ ] msw tag "[borland.jbcl.view.GridCore_Divider]$canvas1"
    [-] JavaJFCScrollBar JScrollBar
    [ ] tag "#1"

    At this point, when I go to the record indentifiers, Silk
    does see the object as:

    OrderList.MvanFramework.NullLayeredPane.NullConten tPane.
    OrderNumber3.BorlandJbclControlGridContr.Viewport3 .ViewGridCore2

    I then go back to the record class box, and uncheck the
    show all classes check box. Now, when i open the record
    window identifiers box, the object is not found.
    Regardless, I try to run the testcase:

    [ ] OrderList.SetActive ()
    [ ] print(OrderList.OrderList.MvanFramework.NullLayere dPane.
    NullContentPane.OrderNumber3.BorlandJbclControlGri dContr.
    Viewport3.ViewGridCore2.InvokeJava("gridh",({6,6}) ))

    And it tells me the object is not found:

    [ ] *** Error: Window '[com.bellcore.mvan.framework.MFrame$MRootPane]
    $com.bellcore.mvan.framework.MFrame$MRootPane' was not found
    [ ] Occurred in OrderList.MvanFramework.NullLayeredPane.
    NullContentPane.OrderNumber3.BorlandJbclControlGri dContr.
    [ ] Called from Test2 at test.t(26)

    In essence, the problem is that SilkTest can only find the
    object when the show all classes check box is enabled.

    This problem has been pressing for several days now, and I would
    appreciate a resolution soon


    Anthony Pontoriero
    Telcorida Technologies
    NCON Software Testing
    (732) 699-3327

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    Re: Silktest+Java+Hidden Obj

    Hi, I just wanted to inform you that there is a much better way to post code to this forum, all you need to do is read the attaching code section in the UBB Code help (click the UBB Code is ON) link on the left side.
    I'll try to demo:

    To attach code:
    [ c o d e ] # Without the spaces
    [ / c o d e ] # Without the spaces

    The end product looks like this:

    AJ Alhait
    BetaSoft Inc.
    AJ Alhait
    BetaSoft Inc.

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    Re: Silktest+Java+Hidden Obj

    Well, the user manual says to uncheck the box....along with tech support....

    It seems that Silk DOES NOT want you to work with an UNCHECKED box...fortuanly, I found a switch that lets me "check/uncheck the box on demand"

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    Re: Silktest+Java+Hidden Obj

    It seems that you unchecked "ShowALLClasses" is that true? You should not be doing that. What you did was you exposed custom class to Silk it recorded it/them, you modified .ini file, and then by unchecking ShowAllClasses you cut off hierarchical path to the exposed object. Silk of course will not find it. You should not uncheck that checkbox otherwise you will not be able to use InvokeJava/invokeMethdos methods. Even if Silk would find your object you would have gotten an error when you make a call to your Java class (BTW do you have that class written?) teling you that method is not defined or unaccessible. This happenes because all java related stuff in Silk implements Reflection API, so if you take a look at it you will have an idea why Silk cannot find your object.

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    Re: Silktest+Java+Hidden Obj

    To tell you the truth Segue tech support on Java related topics sucks big time, so you pretty much on yur own here (at least I have been)



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