I don't really know how software license really all work.

I no a number years ago now (maybe 2012) our company upgraded to Silk Test from Test Parner.
In this process we bought 5 CAL license for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition. (I can't remember why we picked that license).
Trying to do regression on the cheap I guess.

I guess Microsoft has been doing an audit of all our software.
They are saying that the license we have for MSQL Server isn't correct, not sure why. Either because we have to declare it as a development server or a production server, base off of that is what license if falls under.
More it sounds like they are going to require us to get a Visual Studio License (they called it something different) for every user that "uses" the DB. I guess that would be any silk test user would need this other license?
Not sure.

Anybody else gone through this?