I am looking to explore an interesting approach of executing SilkTest scripts. Here is why & how. Any help is much appreciated.

I am working in a Service based startup company. We have recently integrated SilkTest as one of the automation tools.
We have an internal product which is completed automated using SilkTest.
Now this application is used by various clients. They would like us to share the SilkTest scripts with them so that they can use the same for some internal regression cycles.
But, due to some internal constraints we cannot expose our scripts/frameworks to the clients, yet we wanted them to benefit from the scripts. (I am aware its a very unique situation)

Now, I understand that SilkTest creates an Object file (*.to, *.ino) every time the script is triggered from the SilkTest Editor.
So is it possible to execute the automation using the .to files only (instead of opening the .t file and executing it)

Thanks in advance