Is there any shorcut key options in SilkTest for the following:

1) How to find all the references of a constant variable declared in common library. I need this to know where all the constant is used before making any change to constant value.
I'm looking for a shortcut something like "References > workspace/project" in Eclipse

2) How to use shortcut keys to navigate between different files (.t). I know that there is a shortcut key "F6" and "Shift-F6" which allows to do this.. but what is shortcut key to navigate to calling method in a same script... for example:


-- stmt1
-- stmt2
-- method2()
-- stmt4


In this example I want to know how to switch from one method to another method using shortcut keys.. for example: when I press F12 Key at method2() line in method1() function, it navigates to method2()... now how to go back to method1() using the shortcut keys