I am a little new to SilkTest and programming. With that being said I need some help.

Here is a script that I wrote:
Imports SilkTest.Ntf.Wpf
Imports MccDaq
Imports System
Imports System.ComponentModel
Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Windows.Forms
Public Module Main
Dim _desktop As Desktop = Agent.Desktop
Public Sub Main()
With _desktop.WPFWindow("mainWindow")
.WPFListView("ccPatientList").Select("11122010 Male 17.11.1964 Dave Dysart")




End With

End Sub
End Module

Everything works up to _desktop.control("/control[@caption='50G_10000000']").click("PushButton[@automationId='btnExp']") This is a separate program that is running where I have to be able to click a button on that screen. When I use the identify object in SilkTest I get
/FormsWindow[@caption='50G_10000000']//PushButton[@automationId='btnExp'] for this button that I need to press. I changed it to the line above as I was getting compile errors!
After I changed it to what is in the script I don't get any errors but the program does not finish running and I get this error:
Could not find object'/control[caption='50G_10000000']'.
at Main()in Main.vb:line27 (don't pay attention to the line number)
I do have in the Object map asset browser:
<ObjectMapEntry id="g10000000" locator="/FormsWindow[@caption='50G_10000000']">
<ObjectMapEntry id="btnExp" locator="//PushButton[@automationId='btnExp']" />
<ObjectMapEntry id="btnExp" locator="//PushButton[@automationId='btnExp']" />

Please let me know if you need to know anything else.