We have a set of reports that all open up in Adobe Reader (as I assume a lot of companies use PDF documents)

To Check that the Adobe Reader opened up we need to put in an application configuration. I haven't played with it much but I don't think Silk Test can actually see/read the adobe Reader data/text right?

So we just verify that Adobe Reader came up.

The problem is with the Application Configuration, currently when it installs a version it adds the version to the path.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 10.0

(Even then it could be in just Program Files)

So as we can see I have version 10, but my co-worker that is setting up these tests has version 11. (so his path is different)

I guess as I type this we have two options.

1. We start to install Adobe Reader into its own generic path. Then just make sure all our boxes have that same path.

2. If a new version of Adobe Reader comes out, we don't install it... But if we do, we have to update all machines, and update the application configuration for each test. Could be a pain in the future.