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    How Big is your Silk Test Database (Size)

    Our Test Partner was set up in 2006. We are now converting over to Silk Test (re-writing each script over). A little over 400 scripts.

    Our Test Partner database is just around 10 gb.

    The Silk Test Database (and I have only been converting things over for 3 months) is now up to 17gbs.

    Why is the Silk Test Database so big...
    Yesterday afternoon Silk Test started to crash. Come to find out I only had 4.6gb on the server. I deleted some space and got it up to 12gb.
    Now Silk Test works just fine.

    Is it always going to be this big?

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    Silk Test uses the same paradigm as TestPartner when it comes to versions of assets, therefore, every time you save an asset you get a new version. What this means is that your database can grow rapidly if you save often (as you should). You can change the "save" behaviour of Silk Test (and TestPartner) so that it overwrites the same version when you save rather than creating a new version, there are menu items (under file) that allow for each behaviour.

    The other thing to bear in mind is how results are generated in Silk Test. Out of the box a screen shot is saved when an automation step is executed, this enhances the result because you now get a rolling commentary of screen shots of the executed script, note that this applies to Visual tests and .Net scripts.

    Remember that you can use the Purge facility to remove previous versions of assets (by date or by keeping a specific number), Silk Test 14 introduces a command line that will do the same thing.

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    We figure out this problem. As you can see it has taken months and months.

    In Silk Test they have a feature to grab a screen shot for each step of a .net script. Its actually part of the results options
    (Tools Options PlayBack Results .NET)

    This option is turned on by default. You have to change the setting to none so it won't grab pictures.

    That part in-itself isn't that bad. Its when you go over to Silk Central.

    When Silk Central runs your .net scripts its using the default setting, which does a screen grab for EVERY step (that has a window).
    This cause the results to be a lot bigger than what you really need. The funny thing is, I haven't found a way to view these results (with pictures) in Silk central. But you can look up the results in Silk Test.

    To solve this problem you have to go into Silk Test, change the screen capture option to none and then save it.

    Than in Silk Central BEFORE you have created any scripts you set up a property that matches the option you saved in Silk Test.
    I say doing this BEFORE because Silk Centeral has no way to mass update all your scripts after they have been set up in Silk Central. So the only other option would be to go to each one and tell it to use the new property or tell it to use the parent property.

    Our database went from almost 60gb down to 7gb now.

    why they had screen capture turned on by default is beyond me.



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