I have test plan with 100 test cases. Each test case i am getting data from XL sheet..For 100 testcases I have 100 XL sheets..

When I try to run testplan… every time it is compiling 100 XL Sheets … it taking time to run testcases in testpaln. But when I try to run in .t file as suite it is not compiling every time …. Compiles one time and execute all 100 test cases.
Note: 100 xl sheets one compilation taking 1 mins - if it compiles 100 times it is taking 1+hrs to compile XL’s
Here is the testplan
[ ] script: Test.t
[-]Testcase1 Submission
[ ] testcase: Testcase1(1,1)
[ ] testcase: Testcase2(1,1)

. [-]Testcase100 Submission
[ ] testcase: Testcase100(1,1)

Can someone please help me to avoid the compilation?