I have a support call already in with Micro Focuse but they can't seem to recreate this problem on their side.
I can get the problem to happen on my windows 7 machine and in my xp mode.

create two .NET script Modules (I think they have to be in the Common folder... One would probably work for this test)


Public Module Test
Dim _desktop As Desktop = Agent.Desktop

Public Sub Test1
MsgBox("This is the first test")

End Sub
End Module

Pretty basic

Then create a main Script.
You then go into the properties and add the two .net script references.

You then call the Reference script sub functions
Test2 Or what ever you called the second one.

You run the script and you get the message boxs.
Everything works.
I close down the main script

I then go and delete one of the common scripts (Test2)

I go back into my main script and run it. (the add on reference script is gone because it doesn't exist anymore)
The problem is I get a Warning in my Error Log that the Reference to Common.Test??? does not exist anymore something like that.

I know it doesn't exist I'm the one that deleted it. The problem is my script should not still building to that.

You can even delete the other reference script and it gives me an error that both aren't found.