Dear all,

Hi all,

I have used Silktest many days and everything is ok. But in recent days I met a case that it's very slow while SilkTest executes scripts.

I'm testing a WPF allication and it takes me about 4 minutes to set focus a control.
I don't know why the silk test becomes too slow.

I tried to reboot, re-installed a fresh windows and just only install Silktest but the problem is still there

Here is the current PC environment:
Processes : 32
CPU usage: 2%
Commit charge: 434M/3129M

This is my PC configuration:
WIndow 7 Pro - SP 1
Intel Core(Tm) 2 Duo CPU E7700 @2.9GHz
RAM 2.00G
Silktest trial 2011

My problem is the same with the post here
Software Quality Assurance Forums: What cause SilkTest slow down its speed?
I tried all suggestions there but all did not work

Please help me
Tuan Le