Hi ,
I'm new to silktest . I need to automate a Client/Server application and i use classic agent.
I have a situation where i login to the application and the application main window opens , which is identified as "DialogBox Class" .
In the application i have a menu bar with menus like File,Edit,View etc.. which is identified as a CustomWin "TToolBar".
I ClassMapped it to standard ToolBar Class. Then the Menus (File,Edit,View..) are identified as "RadioList" .
I need to access the Menuitems under each menu say File->New->Open . But the menuitems are not identifed by silktest.

How can i make silktest to identify the menuitems ? Is it because the MainWin is identifed as Dialogbox that i couldn't identify the menuitem ? or whether i need to map the CustomWin "TToolBar" to someother standard class ? or is thr any option to select menuitem from the menu which is identified as "RadioList" ??

Could Someone help on this please as this is my 1st project in SilkTest !!