John yu said :
...recording is useful only so you know how and what guis silk recognizes in your application, you have to do a lot of editing to clean it up afterwards. For instance, you may have a recorded frame like...
BrowserChild Page1tag "pagetitle|#1|$http:www*"
the best tag to use would be "pagetitle"(only), and when you record actions against this page
Silk should know you're in Page1. However if you have ten other pages having the same title
"pagetitle" your only option would be to find a gui that is unique to page and use that for a tag:
BrowserChild Page1
tag "/[BrowserChild]pagetitle/HtmlWhatever]WhateversTag/.."

Hi John

That was a good suggestion. I am also involved in dynamic table testing. I tried your suggestion but i am not getting the results. I have a table in which the first column has a checkbox. I wanted to make this column unique
so i tag the column as
HtmlColumn SomeNmae
tag "#1/[HtmlCheckBox]#1"
When i get the tag for the column i am getting ........[HtmlColumn]#1/[HtmlCheckBox]#1.
But when i get the contents of the column i am getting nothing.
If i remove the "[HtmlCheckBox]#1" part from the tag i am getting all the contents of that column.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions