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    Silktest datagrid

    I have a flex datagrid with 6 columns and 5 rows.
    I want to get all the information out of the datagrid.
    If I do this;
    INTEGER iRowCount
    iRowCount = FlexUSM.UMP.USM.Find("//FlexDataGrid[@caption='groupGrid']").numRows
    lMainGroups = FlexUSM.UMP.USM.Find("//FlexDataGrid[@caption='groupGrid']").GetValues(0,iRowCount)

    I get the following error.
    Error during executing the Flex method 'FlexDataGrid::GetValues'. Error #1009.
    Occurred in GetValues
    Called from testingDatagrid at USM.t(3216)

    Please help.

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    Re: Silktest datagrid

    Can I suggest you do this first, to see if it works.

    LIST OF LIST OF STRING lMainGroups = FlexUSM.UMP.USM.Find("//FlexDataGrid[@caption='groupGrid']").GetValues(0, 1)

    Tweak the values of GetValues. If it still doesnít work, then most likely itís an issue with SilkTest, which you will have to log a call.

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    Re: Silktest datagrid

    Thank you rakeshraghvani12345. This is a silktest error.
    The rows in the grid are 5 and the error will not go away until my bottom number is 5 and the top number is unlimited.
    LIST OF LIST OF STRING lMainGroups = FlexUSM.UMP.USM.Find("//FlexDataGrid[@caption='groupGrid']").GetValues(5, 100)
    However at this point it gets nothing in the grid.



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