We are NOT going to have a users group meeting, which was to be held on
7/20/99, for this month.

I want to plan for the next month's meeting. At this meeting we should
all decide whether we want to have a users group in Bay Area or not. If
we are going to have the group than we should decide its forum,
frequency, time, core members (who are willing to regularly participate
and contribute), who would provide a place to host the meeting, what
kind of support, if any, we need from Segue and what can we do to make
it more interesting so more and more people attend it. At present we
have only three or four core members. We need at least ten or so core
members. Olinda Lee-Yang of Remedy and I have been carrying the torch
for the last two or three years. We need more people to take active
part. Lately Amjad Alhait (AJ) of Betasoft has been active and helpfull
and he is willing to be a core member. Anymore volunteers? Lets us all
come together and make this group really active. Plan on attending this
very important meeting next month. We will announce the location, date,
and time by August 5.

Sam Patadia