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    Exists function returns exception

    Motivated by the fact that my last problem was resolved quickly I am putting up another

    below is my code snippet
    [-] if IsNull(sTimeOut)
    [ ] sTimeOut = "30"
    [ ] int iTimeOut = val(sTimeOut)
    [-] if Login.exists(iTimeOut)
    [ ] bRetVal = TRUE
    [ ] return bRetVal
    And I am getting following exception
    2011:08:11 17:04:32 notice Calling: GUI_waitForObject {Login, 120}
    [ ] 2011:08:11 17:04:37 error Exception: *** Error: Window '[JavaDialogBox]Login' was not found
    [ ] 2011:08:11 17:04:37 error Call Stack:
    [ ] 2011:08:11 17:04:37 error Module: , Function: Exists, Line: 1

    Now in my case Login Window exists and I expected function to return true but even if for some reason if its not able to find the window it shouldn't it return false exception being exceptioned out. Also its not waiting for specified time interval and exceptioning out in 5 seconds only

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    Re: Exists function returns exception

    You seem to be calling a recursive function here, possibly GUI_waitForObject(), as you are getting a Call Stack error. It may help if you put the entire coding here together with the call method.



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