Does anyone who has experienced this problem have any better workarounds than the two bad ones I have listed below?


This posting describes an application crash induced by Silk's ActiveX integration with a VB application under the following environment:

-a VB6 application
-NT 4.0 with sp 5 or 6 [sp 4 works fine]
-Only seen on HP PCs [but may occur elsewhere]
-Extension enabler has the VB app's ActiveX support enabled.

The symptom: the VB application crashes [repeatedly/reliably] when several of the application's dialogs are selected via menu picks. This occurs with or without Silk running, with or without the Agent running.

The solution: disable the ActiveX support for the VB application in the Extension enabler [interestingly a reboot is NOT required].

The workarounds: (a) do not install sp 5 or sp 6; or (b) install the hal.dll [hardware abstraction layer DLL] from sp 4 over the sp5 or sp6 hal.dll [very dangerous, unknown side effects].

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I am going to try and get this client to release this VB application to Segue so they can look into this problem. Does anyone who has experienced this problem have an open Segue BUG number [as opposed to a CASE number] I can reference?

-fyi, Terry Horwath