I got an offer from Segue to try it out, but it does not coincide with a lull of any of my automation projects.

I can't afford the time to change my scripts or smoketest it on my projects at this time.

I remember the pain of moving from SilkTest 4.6.2 --> 5.0.0, in the middle of a project, to get SYS_Execute for both NT4 / Win9x., about 1 1/2 years ago. Wish I knew then, what I know now about handling the extension of FILEINFO record etc...

Survived changing my scripts to see the new GUITYPE, and other minor changes. Version control saved the day again, with the DIFFing of files to see what worked, etc...

To my point, has anyone here, used SilkTest 5.5 Beta with:
<LI> A large SilkTest 5.0.x project
<LI> Anything that uses DB_* functions
<LI> Anyone using GUITYPE to make runtime decisions
<LI> Any usage of SYS_Execute, and did it get better / worse
<LI> The controversial recorder (good for some detective work, but not making start --> finish tests...)
<LI> Green Mountain (just kidding )
<LI> Anyone changing declared windows to take advantage of OO features (e.g remove the parent piece and a tag, and "nest" the window objects under the parent, so that like things are together, not disjoint)[/list]

I'd be curious to hear how people are making out with it. I don't test browsers at this day and time, but will be back to browsers in the future. I used Visual Test 4.x for that, back in 1998.