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    Switching to FireFox 3.6.13 from IE 7.0

    Hi all
    SilkTest Classic required users to record script using IE.
    When I tried to switching to FireFox by editing the frame.inc file, I have the following error.

    [-] Testcase Adm_Edit_Eco_Comp - 1 error
    [ ] Time out expired after launching application. The requested object '//BrowserApplication' was not found within the timeout of 180 seconds.
    [ ] Occurred in WebBrowser.Invoke
    [ ] Called from _CheckExistenceAndStart at defaults.inc(372)
    [ ] Called from DynamicDefaultBaseState at defaults.inc(345)
    [ ] Called from DefaultBaseState at defaults.inc(21)
    [ ] Called from DefaultTestCaseEnter at defaults.inc(540)
    [ ] Called from Adm_Edit_Eco_Comp at demo2.t(1)

    The script was able to open up FireFox and point to the home URL configured, but it never go to the intended URL in the script (frame.inc).

    Any idea?


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    Re: Switching to FireFox 3.6.13 from IE 7.0


    you probably need to add firefox.exe to your application configurations. Those tell SilkTest's agent which applications you want to test - if you initially recorded with IE, it is likely that you just have iexplore.exe in there.

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    Re: Switching to FireFox 3.6.13 from IE 7.0

    Same thing happened to me. Version 2009 R2 only plays back on Firefox versions 3.0 and 3.5. FF 3.6.13 will not play back. Version 2010 R2 will play back on Firefox 3.6 (according to the release notes).

    I un-installed Firefox 3.6.13 (using an uninstall tool that removes all registries) and installed Firefox 3.5.

    After you have the right version, you have to create two windows declarations (one for IE and one for Firefox) in your frame file. Then call the browser you are using from the frame file.

    My scripts ran fine without any adjustment due to the different browser. But, every application is different.

    ALSO -- SilkTest says that Version 2009 R2 does not record or playback against IE8. For me, that is not true. I have only recorded using IE8 and only playback on IE8 and FF 3.5.



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