I'm having problems recognising text boxes in that include the "tt" HTML style tag.

If you look at the attachment (source code in .txt) or you can see it in the browser at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/paul.beebee/silk.htm

You will see two sets of text boxes the first use the "tt" tag to display the red asterisk, where as the second set do not (the actual HTML has been extracted from another page, that I am working on).

The problem I have is that Silk Test will not recognise the edit boxes in line with the asterisk and seem to be invisible, where as the boxes below are recognised correctly.

I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me in identifying these boxes properly, whether it's a Silk issue or HTML issue.

I am using IE5.01, Win2K (and NT4), ST with DOM extension.



Originally posted this a while ago, didn't realise that I hadn't added what the actual fault was, duh!

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