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    Is QAPUSER dead?

    I just posted the following notice to QAPUSER.

    >Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 11:47:04 -0500
    >To: qapuser@segue.com
    >From: Bret Pettichord <bret@dev.tivoli.com>
    >Subject: Is QAPUSER dead?
    >Near the end of April, a change was made in the administration of this list
    >(QAPUSER). Previously, the mailing list program forwarded messages
    >immediately. Since then, the list only forwards messages once a week. This
    >change was made without any announcement to the list.
    >Since that time, there have been very few discussions on the list and the
    >total number of posting have reduced. I strongly suspect that the change in
    >mailing list policy has been the leading contributor to the decline of this
    >mailing list.
    >A couple weeks ago, I made an inquiry to the Segue employee who administers
    >the list. I received no reply.
    >I would like to suggest that we find another host for a general mailing list
    >to discuss Segue's testing tools. Please let me know your thoughts on this
    >matter, particularly if you know of a host that might agree to carry a large
    >list such as this. It would also help if we knew how many people are
    >subscribed to this list.
    >Clearly a timely discussion of this matter is not possible on this list. If
    >you send comments to the list, please also reply directly to me. I will try
    >to connect anyone interested in this issue so that we can shortly reach some
    >kind of conclusion.

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    Re: Is QAPUSER dead?

    Hi Bret and all,

    The alias is not dead, but I think they're having the digest sent every week instead of every day (saving bandwidth)

    Here's some good news.

    I've purchased what I consider the best forums script out there and I've installed it on betasoft.com. (By the way we are betasoft.com without the "-" now. We also purchased that domain, so please update your links and bookmarks.

    I haven't published the new forums yet. I'm currently populating the new forum with the old forums postings. Guess what I used to do that

    It's taking so long because I had to modify the script to add the existing features (being able to post to qapuser and newsgroups) Plus this script has many more features that I was slow in implementing because I was writing it from scratch. These new features include Search, Registration, Subscribing to digests (you get sent a digest when there are multiple new postings). Plus the ability to modify and delete postings, and the ability to setup preferences, and know what is new since your last visit.

    Also notice the new links page. (That is already up). I consider it to be the QA yahoo. But I need more links, so if you have recommendations, please submit them.

    Please understand that I'm working hard to get the new script up and running ASAP. I think it should be up by next week.

    And please understand that this new forum works together with QAPUSER.

    Thanks for your patience


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    Re: Is QAPUSER dead?

    Another idea is to start a new QAP list at One List (www.onelist.com). This way the people can get each message or in digist mode. Plus, the messages are archived.

    However, it would take some time for people to switch over and sign up.

    Plus, what AJ Alhait was saying, he has made some improvements to his forum here. Only problem is that you can't attach attachments (such as script files). Using the the UBB features helps in posting code though.

    Maybe AJ would put up a "public" ftp spot for attachments to the forum messages. Then, using the UBB functions of this forum, you can just point a link to the file and thus, you have a Forum with attachments!

    David Genrich
    333 Moffett Park Drive
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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    Re: Is QAPUSER dead?

    As for creating a list on onelist.com I have done that yesterday. They are silktest@onelist.com and segue@onelist.com (for all other products)

    And for the feature of attachments... That's my next one. So if my ISP does not shut down this forum (I'm having some problems with them regarding "policy violations", mainly the ability to send email and news from the forums). I hope I'll implement attachemnts soon.

    AJ Alhait
    BetaSoft Inc.



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