I'm working with a java applet that contains icons that you drag and manipulate as to create workflows.

I want to right click one of the icons making a list box pop up. I'm trying to get the contents of that list box in order to verify them in the code.

Since the list box is within a java applet, should I be using 'JavaAwtListBox'? If so, does it need to be declared and set active?

For now all I need to do is print the contents in the results file.

So far I have these two lines of code within my testcase:

AllWFmapPg.JavaTabs.WFPaint.Click (2, 84, 270)
Print("The contents in the listbox are: {AllWFmapPg.JavaTabs.WFPaint.JavaAwtListBox(#1).Ge tContents ()}")
AllWFmapPg.JavaTabs.WFPaint.TypeKeys ("<down><enter>")

I've been working with SilkTest 5.0.3 for less than 1 month and this is the first java applet I am trying to work on. Can anyone suggest any other resources that may be helpful.

Thank you,

George E.