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    Using FindCell() function crashes IE7.0

    I am working on IE7.0 with a java based application (having applets)and the page in context is having table,and tree structure as can be seen in the attached screenshot.

    I am able to setfocuscell on {1,1} and then search for "Global Role Teams" (in the screenshot) and able to click on expandable button(which will showup a tree structure as seen.

    Now when i try to search for "RoleTeam1jx...." using the function

    Datatable.FindCell("RoleTeam1jx..."), the browser window is crashed.

    and i m seeing the following error in silktest
    <font color="red"> "SilkTest internal agent error linked list is invalid" </font>

    I am not able to proceed further.

    Note: Using Same FindCell() i am able to search "Global Role Teams" (which is like a parent node in the tree")

    Please suggest any workarounds.

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