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    SilkTest 2009 R2 with WIndows 7

    Hi All,

    I am using the SilkTest 2009R2 on Windows7 platform to test the .Net Application.
    But I am facing some problems.

    1. The function GetGuiType () returns the value mswxp(??).
    2. I have enabled the .net extension for AUT but still the .net control are not getting recognized. (This was working perfectly in Silk 2008R2).
    3. The Runtime status window does not show any information of test run. (e.g. in Silk 2008R2 it was showing "Program status # Test1")

    Please help me.


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    Re: SilkTest 2009 R2 with WIndows 7

    I just got the bad news from Micro Focus that SilkTest2009 R2 is not supporting .Net 2.0 on Windos 7. .Net 1.1 is OK. Also .Net3.5 is supported through "Open Agent" only.

    This put me into big trouble as I have many functions written in 4 test code which Open Agent will not support. Plus my GUI is made with .Net 2.0. So I have to keep away from WIndows 7. (I am using 64 bit Windows 7 with 32 bit applications)

    If any one knows of a work around to get .Net 2.0 winforms controls recognized on Windows 7 please let me know!

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    Re: SilkTest 2009 R2 with WIndows 7

    In My case I found a workaround (through the help of Micor Focus). My .net 2.0 did not work with SIlkTest 2009R2, on Windwos 7, just because, by default, .net 2.0 apps run as 64 bit apps on 64 bit OS. This came as a surprise to me and my devloper colleagues (who were telling me that my app was a 32 bit app) The work around is to use the command:

    CoreFlags.exe TheApp.exe /32BIT+
    to force the app to run as a 32 bit app.

    After that Silktest worked like a charm!

    See the following for addidtional details:



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