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    One set of Automation scripts for multiple app ver

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to create one set of automation scripts that will be able to run on five different versions of the same application, ex MyApp 2.2, MyApp 3.0, MyApp 4.5, etc. Each version of the application is slightly different and has some differences in object names and functionality. Some of the windows that exist in the earlier version have been modified in the later version with things like formsplitters. So say in version 2.2 I had the line CustSales.New.Click(), in version 6.0 it would be CustSales.SystemsFormsSplitter1.New.Click().

    Ideally I would like to have a different Frame and Global variables file for each version of the application to handle these differences between each version. I would like to have a variable called Version that I set prior to testing, so if I was testing version 2.2 I would set the Version variable to 22. Then my scripts would check to see which version is being tested and use the appropriate 2.2 version Frame and Global files. Any other differences between the application versions I would be able to control using the Version variable in if statements.

    What would be the best way to handle differences like this and make it all work under one SilkTest project rather than having to create a separate project for each app version that is tested? Is it possible to have multiple Frame files in one project? Or do I have to create a separate SilkTest project for each version of the application?

    I'm hoping someone else out there has a similar situation and may be able to help me.


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    Re: One set of Automation scripts for multiple app ver

    The way we do it is by Options sets...

    Create a folder structure for your app based on version. Create an options set for each version containing the folders/files specific to that version.

    At runtime, you load/unload option sets depending on which version of the AUT you want to test, or you can do it in the .pln file which is slightly more risky.

    It's listed in the helptext under 'optionset'.

    FWIW I'd probably opt to have a separate project for each version, but much depends on how large your AUT is and how many .pln, .t and .inc files you're dealing with.




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