Hi Everyone,

I am evaluating Silktest2009 for testing the motif based application developed on Sun Solaris 10(SunOS 5.10 release).I have successfully executed environment setting file(set_env.csh)in csh and kicked off Solaris agent.No problem occurs while launching the agent in background.
Before Evaluating the developed application,i thought of playing some stuff with the demo application testapp(Its inside the /demo folder of the extracted Silk Agent directory).I am able to launch the test
app successfully.

On the other side,I have installed Complete Silktest 2009 package on the Windows XP box(2GB RAM,180 GB disk).I carried out settingssuch as host IP address configuration and protocol it uses(TCP/IP) in [Outline] option of Silktest 2009.

When i invoked [Enable Extensions], there are no application
to select.Same is true for the [Recovery System] settings.

In order to resolve the problem ,i tried following things.

1.I have gone through http://www.sqaforums.com/showflat.php?Ca...amp;Search=true thread.Logged off and logged in with user having administrative rights.
This also not worked
2.Completely removed the solaris agent in the Solaris box.
Restarted the box.Once again extracted the package and kicked of the agent with root privilege.Started testapp application again.
This is also not worked.

I thought that problem is on the Recording side(SilkTest2009
on WinXp).

I have following doubts.

1.When selecting new project ,Which type of the application
that i need to select?

2.If Agent fails to communicate with the recording side,how thiscan be confirmed(Any Log files for the reference,I have checked Solaris logs in /var/log/Syslogs)

3.How we can troubleshoot such problems(Logs)?

Your Suggestion is Kindly Appreciated

With Regards