Hi all,

Problem : inconsistant recognition of objects on the web page by silk
version : silk 1.1 and 2.01
browser : netscape navigator gold 3.x

Say for example, a page contained one HtmlHeading, two HtmlTexts, a HtmlTable(5 rows & 5 colomns), and three HtmlTexts. Now depending on the length of the data in the HtmlTable, silk recognizes the first colomn as individual HtmlTexts, the second, third and fourth columns as a HtmlTable and the last rows as a single HtmlText. This is not always true and just one of the ways that silk is recognizing the objects on the page.

if anybody would like to see the actual web page, i could send the html pages.

Any information, ideas or pointers or general information which I could use to try to help me resolve this problem is most welcome. One more thing is that I have no control over the Html source.

If you need any more information, you could either mail me or call me at 415 636 9272

Thanks in advance,