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    Starting a Pilot Project

    After months of familiarizing myself with SilkTest and with the help and information from the posters in this forum, I think we're ready to start a pilot project for our application. Although, there are still issues that we have to resolve such as working with stingray controls but at least we have an idea now how to approach the problem.

    I would like to get some recommendations and suggestions. What's the best way to do this? If you have documentation that you can refer me to, this will really help. Actually, I would like to know where I could find a template for test framework or architecture that will also discuss naming conventions, standards and such. Any information you think will help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Starting a Pilot Project


    When I had to tackle the StingRay Objective grid in a company I worked for a few years back I had two choices.
    (1) Buy the Silk Extension kit and spend several thousand dollars on Segue Consultants
    (I think the grid solution is now free if you buy the extension kit however .. still gotta work wi developement)

    (2) Work with development myself and develop a custom solution.

    I choose 2 and a week later we had a working solution. What we choose to do was come up with a simple protocol. Development created a base class for Stingray objective grid that handled custom user messages under user 1000. I would then send this grid this special message with wparam changing for the service I had already worked out with development.

    For instance sending wparam=1 would ask for the current cell of focus row and column entered into the system clipboard (so I could tell what the cell of focus was).

    wparam = 2 would tell the Stingray grid the coordinates row & column I wanted the cursor to go to was in the clipboard already

    wparam = 3 asks the Stingray grid to place the contents of the row in the clipboard with a \r\n delimeter for each column .. etc etc.

    The beauty of the second solution is it's as close to free as you can get. Because it works with the existing Silk product. If you can get someone in development to work with you it's preety easy to work out ahead of time the minimum services of what you want.

    Also since you are sending the window a custom message the chances the customer might accidently trigger this are about a million to one.

    Then you can wrap these primitive methods (Sendmessages, read and write to clipboard etc) to your own custom class
    for a much higher level interface and hide these primitive details. When you encounter these StingRay objects you need only map them tou this custom class in your frame file and suddenly .. your in!

    I have found that with the exception of a little retry logic this is a very stable and dependale interface. Also a desirable side effect of this is develoipment's respect for you definately goes UP (trust me on this).

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