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    SilkTest recovery scenario


    If I encounter an unexpected IE popup, anytime during a script execution, how do I close it and proceed to the next script (when running the suite in a test plan).

    If I encounter some exception in a popup that appears after the click of a button in the main window (a seperate screen), how do I close that popup screen and then the application (main window) and then proceed to the next script.

    Because of these 2 problems all the scripts that follow a failed script are failing. Please help.

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    Re: SilkTest recovery scenario

    For Unexpected Pop Up : You need to declare a separate window declaration for those pop ups. In Close method , you need to write a code to dispose the pop up. You need to insert in appropriate place to wait and close the pop up once it appears.

    For Exception pop up: You can handles by checking the second browser.

    Assumption: Browser - Main window
    Browser2 - Exception pop up


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    Re: SilkTest recovery scenario

    instead of using 'if(Browser2.exists(5))' we can use 'while(Browser2.exists(5))' so that even if the pop-up doesn't get closed on first close, it will be closed after subsequent closing.

    Also you can write the close method to be used to close the test case in the testcase exit fn



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