I am testing an application with custom objects created using ATL. Actually, I am running into challenges. I am wondering if anybody out there has run into a similar problem and found workarounds. Your help is much appreciated.

Here are some of the challenges I am finding:
- I already mapped the custom objects, yet, when I try recording the class of the custom object it still sees it as an ATL object (e.g. ATLButton)
- With my AUT, I can create a window with objects in it. My problem is during run time, SilkTest does not see those ATL objects inside the window when I do a windows declaration. But when I go to the individual objects it sees them but still as a custom object even though I already mapped it.
- I run into problems wherein I have two types of Text Field - standard text field and a static text field. During design time in my application, SilkTest sees them correctly, one being ATLEdit and the other being an ATLStatic. However, during runtime of my application, SilkTest sees them as an ATLEdit. I am not exactly sure,this could be a bug in my application.

Thanks in advance!