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    Test cases executed from test plan


    Is there any whey we can know the testcase names executed in test plan

    ex: If we have a testplan with name (testplan.pln) and this plan file has 3 test cases
    1) testcase1
    2) tescase2
    3) testcase3

    Let say if i mark testcase1 only in the test plan and execute. Is there any why we can find out which testcase is excuted by test plan.

    I want to keep this in my results email which is triggered by testplan

    Appreciate your help


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    Re: Test cases executed from test plan

    Two soltions:
    1. You can read the res file to get this information
    2. You should give the meaningful testcase name to a testcase,then you can collect these testcase names in runtime by using GetTestCaseName()
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    Re: Test cases executed from test plan


    Use following functions:

    string gsTestcaseName = GetTestCaseName()


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    Re: Test cases executed from test plan

    Thank you all for your replays.

    I found a better way as per our requirment, I have created a .ini file with all the setup info and reading it from that file and putting all that information in the results email.



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