I am looking into using SilkTest, for testing web based tools written in JSP and Java. I will be testing up to the latest browsers. Could anyone give me some advice if SilkTest is the tools to use for Java testing on the web? I need to connect to JDBC as well and track data from Oracle8i/SQL 6.5/7/2000. I will need to integrate onto Solaris, UNIX, and Windows flavors.

I ahve used SilkTest in the past for C/C++ desktop apps and felt is was very easy to setup a frame and write scripts from. I would like to create a generic frame which could tie into some Java utilities on our end, which I am told that SilkTest is JDK 1.2 and SWING compliant.

Any info on using SilkTest to test web based JSP, Java, and XHTML would be helpful.

David Demmer