Using Visio 2000 SR1 with SilkTest 5.03.1
in 32 bit WIndows......

I am seeing Visio CustomWin objects like:
[VISIOD] for a listview

but cannot declare listview objects or
get their names - even when class mapping
VISIOD to a ListView object.

[VISIOG] for a drawing area
[VISIOH] for a drawing area horizontal ruler
[VISIOI] for a drawing area vertical ruler
[VISIOJ] where the two ruler guides meet in
the upper left corner of the
drawing area

Has anyone has any success with Visio
and SilkTest?

BTW, segue could not offer any better help than what I tried already, like adding in Visio's .exe to the extension enabler.

thanks for the help!