I need to verify many web app screens that contain just formatted text,graphs, and tables. The brute force method of doing this would be to just manually capture all screens using the the recorder and verifyproperty function, but then with about 100 to 200 screens this can get very tidious and not to mention if development changes the sceens. So I was thinking of a way for silk to just bring up each screens and capture the entire content of it and then save it to a file. Now if a new build of our web app is out, all I do is run another script which will compare the actual screens with the saved screens and if development intentionally changes the content of a screen I just run the capture script again. I have already found the getContents method that can be called on any window and it almost does the job, except that it crops all text messages to the first 5 words or so. I would really like to know if there is a method to capture the entire content of a screen and then save it for future verification purposes.