I have been using Silk 5031 with the IE DOM extension for a few months now and have been pleasantly surprised with its accuracy. There are a few cases though where the DOM doesn't identify html objects appropriately. There are some dynamicly generated control lists (i.e. radio option lists or checkbox lists) in our web app that the DOM extension just can't capture accurately. I worked around this problem by switching to the VO extension on the fly as described in the Silk 5.0.3 release notes. This worked nicely and solved the problem.

We recently added a java applet to our web app. I added the SilkTest_Java jar file to my CLASSPATH to give Silk the capability to test the Java applet. I recorded the window declarations for the java app and it all was working great. However, when my script got to the point where it switches the extension to VO, the browser (IE5) crashes.

Has anybody seen this behavior? Is there some .ini setting that will allow switching between VO and DOM and allow java testing?

When I remove the SilkTest_Java1.jar varaibale from my CLASSPATH the crash goes away but I am unable to test the java app.