Im running two separate Java applications both clients on Windows NT 4.0. One is Java 1.1.7, the other is Java 1.2. Each is having a problem with pull-down menu selections which should invoke pop-up windows. The results are inconsistent. Sometimes the selections work flawlessly, other times they are intermittent, and occasionally they dont work at all.

If I do the selections manually, they always work. I can see SilkTest attempting to make the selections - the pull-down menus are displayed and the menu items I want are highlighted, but the pop-ups do not appear and the tests fail. At one point I added an if statement to make the selection again, and that worked for one session, but failed in subsequent sessions.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

Here is the code and window declaration for the first problem:

[ ] PrimaryReport.File.SaveAs.RTFFile.Pick()

[+] window JavaMainWin PrimaryReport
[ ] tag "Primary Report"
[-] JavaJFCMenu File
[ ] tag "File"
[-] JavaJFCMenu SaveAs
[ ] tag "Save As"
[-] JavaJFCMenuItem CSVFile
[ ] tag "CSV File"
[-] JavaJFCMenuItem RTFFile
[ ] tag "RTF File"
[+] JavaJFCMenuItem Exit
[ ] tag "Exit"

Here is the code and window declaration for the second problem selection:

[ ]
[ ] ManagerMainWin.SetActive()
[ ] ManagerMainWin.Poll.ModifyStatistics.Pick ()
[ ]

[-] window JavaMainWin ManagerMainWin
[ ] tag "Manager*"
[+] JavaJFCMenu FileMenu
[-] JavaJFCMenu Poll
[ ] tag "Poll"
[-] JavaJFCMenuItem ModifyStatistics
[ ] tag "Modify Statistics"