I am in the process of getting an evaluation copy of Silk 5.03 in house. I was wondering what versions of Internet Explorer are supported?

Is IE 5.5 for instanced fully covered? Also could someone give me the skinny on this DOM model for IE 5.1 .. is this valuable .. why would I want it?

Specifically I would like to be able to write a test for Internet Explorer versions
4.x to 5.x as well as Netscape Navigator (4.x). Can I use the same Silk test (within reason) to drive those different platforms?

Hey while we are at it are there any other OS platforms Silk test supports. Is there any impediment/s to Windows 2000 what about
other OS's (like Unix or Linux) .. last time I checked the answer was NO!

Sorry for all the questions I have been out of Silk for about a year now. Any and all responses gratefully welcome.

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