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    Re: click


    1)I am unable to click the image/ICON by its name as it is an htmllink can code is in VB
    as it is recorded with the help of mouse movements.

    As in silk it is :
    Applicationname.PicSplitMain.CtlInitControl.Intern etExplorer_Server1.Click (1, 114, 152)
    but i want it as
    Applicationname.PicSplitMain.CtlInitControl.Intern etExplorer_Server1.Click("Create")//as "create" is the name of the Image/icon.
    noten this screen except mouse nothing would work..i mean no keyboard activities takes place.

    2)can i forcefully make the my application open at a particular location on the desktop, for example say center of the desktop
    can any one suggest me is there any method similar to"window.maximize" for center of desktop too.

    Can any one help me [img]/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: click

    Use Record/Window Declarations to find if this image/ICON recognized.

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    Re: click

    1) if the browser is embedded, you must set extensions manually (see help for this)

    2) to center window on the desktop is really easy task

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>[-] void center(WINDOW win)
    [ ] RECT deskRect = Desktop.getRect()
    [ ] RECT winRect = win.getRect(true)
    [ ] win.move((deskRect.xSize-winRect.xSize)/2,(deskRect.ySize-winRect.ySize)/2)</pre><hr />

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    Re: click

    1)I recorded it but u can see it as in the frame as
    [-] VBPictureBox PicSplitMain
    [-] multitag "#1"
    [ ] "$picSplitMain"
    [ ] "@(371,263)"
    [-] CustomWin CtlInitControl
    [-] multitag "[OLEInitControl]#1"
    [ ] "$ctlInitControl"
    [ ] "@(279,254)"
    [-] CustomWin InternetExplorer_Server1
    [-] multitag "[Internet Explorer_Server]#1"
    [ ] "$0"
    [ ] "@(279,254)"
    and in the script as :// //Applicationame.PicSplitMain.CtlInitControl.Interne tExplorer_Server1.Click (1, 114, 152)//in the place of click which goes with mouse movements i want the name as "create" that it.
    2) When my application open on the desktop from C:\prgfiles\Application---i what it to be placed it in the fixed location on all the desktops who runs this script with different screen resolutions .



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