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    How to resolve \'No License for SilkTest GUI_8.0\'

    I tried to install the evaluation versions of SilkTest from 2006 to 2008 versions. Every time when I invoke the SilkTest application once installation completes, a dialog box holding an 'OK' button and message 'No License for SilkTest GUI_8.0!' has been bobbing up. When I click OK button, nothing is happening means no silktest window.

    Can anyone helps me resolving this query.

    Thanks in advance & Cheers

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    Re: How to resolve \'No License for SilkTest GUI_8.

    have you installed silk meter? or your evaluation period got expired?

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    Re: How to resolve \'No License for SilkTest GUI_8.

    I got the same problem and the cause is I change the system o'clock after install Silktest. From now, I couldn't use it anymore although I re-install SilkTest many times.

    There is no way to do with it except re-new your computer.

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    Re: How to resolve \'No License for SilkTest GUI_8.

    Downloaded a fresh copy from HP Borland site and installed. I havent changed the system date too.

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    Re: How to resolve \'No License for SilkTest GUI_8.

    If u have the license file on ur local system then restart the silk meter service. If u are running a license server, then it possible that all the licenses are being used. The workaround is again to restart the silk meter service on the license server. That will reset the licenses used count. Or u could investigate who else is using SIlk and work out a schedule or something....



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