After my association with Silk test for quite sometime, I found the following topics are still a "Dark Spots" for quite a number of people and doesn't have good knowledge to take ourselves to the next level of automation in Silk Test.

1) Accessing functions of a DLL and alos writing functions of a DLL in a way that is accessible to silk test
2) Extension Kit Usage
3) Silk Test Programming in Eclipse
4) Open Agent, understanding its inner workings
5) Flex Automation

Each of the topic above is not able to follow because of variety of reasons.

- incomplete documentation
- lack of articles or blogs which explain these topics
- licenses which block even to look at limited help and examples in Silk test
- comparatively less user base etc etc

The main difference between QTP and Silk Test is that QTP embraced Microsoft Technologies and most of the automation happens on Windows OS which gives an edge and also because of large user base and lots of resources available on the internet.

I would like the forum members to take a look at these and provide the guidance of where and how to start with these topics. I understand each point should be a separate thread, but if this thread is successful in evoking interest and gains momentum, we can split this thread into separate sections and put more details onto each thread.

Hope this thread will end my quest for all of the above questions.

PS: Please add any other dark areas if i missed anything in this list and also correct me whereever I am wrong.