We have a silktest suite and it is used to run against stand alone C++ application. We are running this suite more than 8 years. For last two years, there are no updates on the suite. It ran fine upto previous release. In current release, I always get the error like *** Error: Function HGApplication::IsModelModified has not been registered.

I have got similar errors about 10 function calls and all of my testcases got failed. I could not find the problematic area. We do not have any guide or supporting document files for all functions. Below I have given the code snippet.

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
[-] winclass HGApplication : AnyWin
[ ]
[ ] extern string GetCurrentUser ()
[ ] extern string GetCurrentServer ()
[ ] extern string GetClientBuildNumber()
[ ] extern string GetServerBuildNumber()
</pre><hr />

Any idea, how to solve this kind of issue? I didn't get any useful contents from Silktest Help.