If our ActiveX application is not running when Silktest starts, the defaultstate attempts to start the application using "wMainWin.Invoke," just like normal.

I have noticed that when I attempt to run a test when no application is up and running, though, that the application itself won't start at all until the agent gives up and says "sorry, test failed!" However, the instant agent gives up, my application starts up fine.

I overrode the DefaultState function (thanks to suggestions here) and did silly things like added a long sleep after the invoke to see if our app just needed more time - the kind of thing you can do with setting options in the agent - all that happened was that it took longer for agent to give up and for our application to start.

We run our tests nightly via Central. Since most of the time our labs are in good shape before the tests are run I have no idea if this has been happening all along.

Any ideas? Thanks!